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CSS Consolidator jiu-jitsu

CSS Consolidator

Sometimes you inherit a huge pile of CSS and want to make a few changes. Sometimes there are huge groups of duplicated rules. Sometimes, you just want to see everywhere Comic Sans is used in your stylesheets. (Hopefully, nowhere.)
Paste in your Source CSS below and click Consolidate CSS.  Rules and selectors will be consolidated in the next textbox.  All processing is done client-side in JavaScript.
Below that, you will see a breakdown of your styles, arranged by Selector, Attribute and Values.
Why did I do this?  Why not?

Source CSS (No @media tags please)

Consolidated CSS


This blog has been relocated from http://mbsguru.blogspot.com/ with authorization.

Lance Russell

VP, System Design/Architecture

Looking for spaghetti code that is nearly impossible to maintain and upgrade?  Then stay away from Lance.  Far away.   Lance’s highly-logical mind can only create organized, well-written applications and integrations that are a breeze to maintain.   There is no business application coding problem that Lance cannot figure out.  One of our hi-profile, global clients tried to make him fail.  He did not and they came back with the quote “Lance has to be one of the best SharePoint consultants in the world”.   Those are definitely true words.   His expertise in all areas of software development, including Dynamics CRM and ERP, Integrations and web sites is top-notch.  And he is funny too.  You’ll appreciate his humorous approach when you see everyone gelling, working together happily, and your project humming along smoothly.

Recent Projects

In a recent project, Lance worked with a global manufacturer of gaming equipment to restructure their entire technology platform. He created Item Master, a SharePoint web-based application used to manage the approval process of changing inventory items, reducing approvals from 2+ weeks to less than 2 days. He also created a product configurator, which automated the time consuming and cumbersome pick/pack/ship process of their orders which were typically customized and highly complicated. To top it all off, he tied it all together with a much needed compliance component that checked orders against their jurisdiction’s regulations.

the most surprising part of working with them was how well they worked with our team. Their calm and professional demeanour throughout the project put people at ease and everyone clicked from day one. The relationship was truly unique, in that you just don’t see that level of trust, bonding and collaboration.”

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