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CRM for Healthcare with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Every business can benefit from the efficiency and productivity gains of using a CRM system, including your healthcare practice. Dynamics 365 can supplement your EMR system as a means to manage your healthcare practice. Dynamics 365 can streamline the areas outside of your core clinical work to fill gaps in relationship management and patient acquisition.

Areas Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help Your Healthcare Practice

Marketing and Patient Acquisition

If a prospective patient comes to your website, do you know about it? You should, and with Dynamics 365, marketing is no longer a guessing game. Dynamics 365 makes it easier for patients to interact and get to know you through various efforts that you can manage automatically in your CRM system, making acquiring patients easier.

Patient Onboarding

Once you’ve acquired a new patient, take some of the stress off your staff and use CRM to automate the clerical tasks of patient onboarding.

  • Automatically send patients forms and documents
  • Set automatic reminders for scheduling and follow-up tasks
  • Track family and other parties related to the patient

Nurture Marketing & Patient Outreach

After you’ve seen the patient, keep the relationship healthy with patient outreach and on-going nurture efforts giving your patients a better all-around experience.  Dynamics 365 can handle all of this for you and the trackable metrics will give you the peace of mind knowing whether your efforts are leading to the results you’re looking for.

Referral Management

Use Dynamics 365 to track where your patients are coming from. Knowing the trends and having actionable data at your fingertips gives you greater control over the direction your practice is heading.

Choosing Andosi to implement Dynamics 365 means a greater chance of success

Andosi is the art of great design and that means successful implementations every time. We take great care to manage the project to the finest details – to make the necessary business changes as painless as possible. Our system design architectsare top-notch solution builders that solve even the most complex, intricate business issues.

What makes our system design approach different?

Perspective—We always look at the entirety of the situation, never losing site of the big picture just to solve individual problems. What good does it do you if you have a bigger bucket to collect dripping water from your leaky roof, if water keeps getting into your roof in the first place?

Organized and efficient. There is something to be said about the value of being organized—you become more efficient, and our team are not only organized themselves, but they create solutions that are just that, well laid out, organized and efficient solutions.

To Listen, Evaluate & Act—Our niche may be system design, but our real value comes from being able to really listen to our customers. We hear you.

Skill and Experience. At the end of the day, our system design architects have the skill and experience that comes with many successful project outcomes. And to keep up with the latest technologies and tools, we hone our skills every day.  Great system design truly is an art form!

Do you want to know more about Dynamics 365?

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