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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now Dynamics 365!

The full capabilities of the current CRM Online Suite have been unpacked into 5 individual apps known as Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation. Under the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing you can choose to license individual app, or plans that cover the entire collection. See plans and pricing here 

Power Apps
Field Service
Customer Service
Project Service

Enterprise Edition

  • Optimized for 250+ Employees
  • It includes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics AX products you know today.
  • It includes Online / On premises dual use rights – So customers don’t need to move online to move to Dynamics 365.
  • A 20 user minimum on offers which include AX. There is no CRM seat minimum.

Apps or Plans

Microsoft’s new approach to licensing allows you to choose individual apps, or plans that cover the entire collection.

ms d365 apps plans

Learn More about Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best, modern CRM systems available today. We’re not just biased because we’ve been working with Microsoft Business Solutions for decades, but because we actually love this product. Why? For starters, it blows away other customer relationship management software when it comes to functionality straight out-of-the-box, and when the time comes to make the software work a specific way for you, adjusting and tweaking it is a breeze. Seriously, a super user can do nearly anything you could need to custom your CRM to work the way you really work.

With the plethora of information out there on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’re sure you already know the product highlights inside and out. In case you haven’t already scoured the internet gathering as much data as you could find, we’d be happy to rant and rave about all the cool things that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your company. Read on…

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Increase productivity with embedded guidance, partner portal, immersive Excel, embedded OneNote,
    and CRM for Outlook
    and OWA.
  • Focus on the right customers with the right message, by using contextual customer insights based on social, news, events, connections.
  • Work together as a network with in-context document co-authoring, document management, enterprise social networking, and communication tools.
Anytime anywhere
  • Win faster with on the go solutions like seamless phone and tablet apps, CRM for Outlook and OWA, and Power BI for desktop and mobile.

How can Andosi Help?

Let’s be honest, most CRM’s have all the same basic functions. What’s different about each one is the user’s experience. Is it easy for the user to do what they need to do? Can they even do what they need to do? Do they get frustrated easily, distracted or lost in the software altogether? It is common knowledge that the number one problem with CRM projects is that the system itself never gets adopted.  Andosi is the art of great system design and user experience is one of those things that wake us up in the morning. A well thought out system—one that follows a logical flow, without bottlenecks or creating more work for the user—is the difference between the success of your software.       

New to Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

We can help you get Microsoft Dynamics CRM up and running in your organization quickly. We have lots of experience with customers who choose to deploy on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. We’ll make sure everything is customized the way you need it to work and integrations are another one of our fortes (we even considered naming ourselves The Integrators at one point because we do so much of it!)

Already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Ok, so you already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but since you’re reading this you probably have a gut feeling that you could be getting more from your system. You’re not alone. We have project after project of CRM re-implementations. Not because there is anything wrong with the software (remember, we love Dynamics CRM) but more often than not, it just wasn’t set up well in the first place. System design is truly an art form, and that’s why our system architects are in such high demand and sought after by some very notable organizations.

  • We can help you figure out where your work flows are going wrong—and finally fix them for good.
  • Need data from your accounting system? Website, or other productions system? Yup, we can integrate your CRM with whatever other systems your company uses.
  • Like Data? We’ve got you covered there—PowerBI and Microsft Dynamics CRM fit together like a glove and we happen to have a BI expert who lives and breathes this stuff.

New to CRM? Or, do you think you could get more out of your existing Dynamics CRM software?

Drop us a line—customizing Dynamics is what we do!

(813) 792-1939