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A Decade of Success: Andosi's 10-Year Journey as a trusted technology partner to Resident Interface

Jennifer Godin

11 January 2024

Throwback Thursday is such a fantastic opportunity to reminisce about the incredible journey we've had with Resident Interface over the years. As the VP of Sales & Marketing for Andosi, I am thrilled to share the special bond we've built with Resident Interface, formerly known as Hunter Warfield.

Back in 2012, when Resident Interface first became our client, they were facing challenges with their Dynamics CRM implementation. We embarked on a transformative journey together, redesigning their existing system and meticulously documenting their entire sales process. It was a crucial step to ensure that the system not only met but exceeded their operational needs.

James Neely, the VP of Sales at that time, aptly captured the essence of our partnership in his quote from the Customer Success Story in 2016. He highlighted the rarity of finding a vendor like Andosi, emphasizing the trust and reliability we brought to the table. James' words resonate even more today, as Resident Interface remains a valued client, showcasing a partnership that has spanned over a decade.

“Being able to trust a vendor as a real partner and not having to second guess that something is going to be delivered is why I put all of my trust into [Andosi]. Having a company that you partner with for 5+ years, and you are happy with that partnership for the entire time is rare.”

Our collaboration didn't stop at the initial CRM redesign. Over the years, we've undertaken various technology enhancement projects, demonstrating our commitment to evolving alongside Resident Interface's growing needs. From writing custom programs to calculate cost-to-service for each account to migrating them to the Cloud, we've consistently aimed for excellence in every project.

Currently, we are exploring the exciting realm of artificial intelligence to help Resident Interface gain deeper insights into their collections process. By leveraging AI, we aim to empower them with the ability to identify accounts most likely to be collected on, further optimizing their operations.

With a user base of over 150 individuals, the relationship we've cultivated with Resident Interface extends beyond business – it's a true partnership built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to innovation. We invite you to revisit the Customer Success Story from 2016 for a glimpse into the remarkable journey we've had together: Resident Interface Customer Success Story.

As we celebrate Throwback Thursday, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Resident Interface for their trust and collaboration throughout the years. Here's to many more years of shared success and innovation!

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