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Making Dynamics CRM work better

Re-engineering CRM and more...

Resident Interface By Hunter Warfield

  • 100-200 Employees

  • Revenue Recovery/Collections Industry

Products & Services

  • Re-implementing D365

  • Integrations & Custom Apps

  • Reporting & Business Intelligence

Ready for growth, time to make CRM work the way it was originally planned

A powerhouse in the revenue recovery industry, Resident Interface found themselves struggling to realize the promised benefits of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution—a common problem in any organization. With growth potential projected to sky-rocket, executives knew they needed to sit down and iron out all their technology kinks before they could take their company to the next level.  Because they knew they needed a partner that they could trust, they set their targets on Andosi.

"When I’ve put my trust in Andosi over the last five years I’ve never been let down. Being able to trust a vendor as a real partner and not having to second guess that something is going to be delivered is why I put all of my trust into [Andosi]. Having a company that you partner with for 5+ years, and you are happy with that partnership for the entire time is rare."

James Neely, VP Sales & Marketing

Re-engineering CRM and more…

Business System Design

Starting with a detailed Requirements Analysis—a long overdue process of defining and documenting company processes and workflows down to the most detailed level, Andosi helped create a solid foundation for not only a better Business System Design, but a platform Hunter Warfield could use to support their massive expansion plans for the future. And so began the redesign and re-implementation of CRM with a holistic approach to Hunter Warfield’s unique processes and big goals.

Integrations & Custom Applications

The nature of Hunter Warfield’s business, revenue recovery and collections, requires the use of many different systems, adding to the complexity of creating a more holistic system with less redundancy and manual inputs. Specializing in integrating systems, Andosi was put to the task and worked to build the connection between CRM and the FICO Collection system that the company uses daily. The bilateral integration was just one of many integrations that saved users time and hassle of having to use two systems separately.

Interest Rate Compliance Automation

Compliance in the collection industry is a serious matter, which is why Andosi created a custom Interest Rate Compliance application that would alleviate some of that burden by updating legal interest rates automatically based on geography and related state laws. The application made it easy for users to manage the rates and the data automatically filtered to the appropriate related systems (like the company’s proprietary billing system).

CRM Time Tracker

Used as a measurement tool in a larger, more complex Costing Application, Andosi created a behind the scenes Time Tracking application that would effectively track the amount of time users spent inside CRM. The Time tracker was used to help determine client profitability based on complex inputs such as employee salary, time spent servicing an account and the resulting revenue generated by that client.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

To have a data culture, you’ve got to get your hands dirty and that was exactly Hunter Warfield’s mind set with their new-found technological capabilities—let’s put that data to use! Andosi set up Power BI, an intensely powerful analytics tool to report on live company data, providing customized reports and dashboards to users. A custom Data Warehouse was also built, making complex executive reporting & business intelligence not only capable, but a breeze!

"Andosi implemented a reporting piece that updated our CRM with live data from our collections system so that I could see at any time what clients are my top twenty clients, how much revenue they generated from me this month, last month…the last twelve months. I can see how many accounts they placed with us last week and I can get that data live from within CRM, something that I did not have the ability to before Andosi."

James Neely, VP Sales & Marketing

Projects that made a big impact

Client Portal

Ready to pursue next level opportunities, Resident Interface set up a Client Portal allowing customers to self-service, increasing their workload capabilities without requiring any additional support staff. Andosi set up the backend and created an API to interface with all of Hunter Warfield’s data systems, including their CRM and collections system.

The Client Portal was the back bone of a major, $2-3 million opportunity for Hunter Warfield to partner with another Property Manager Software provider who was looking for a collections team. With nearly twice the number of units, Hunter Warfield would have struggled to service the new client without the self-service nature of the new Client Portal.

“The [Client Portal] allowed us to be able to set up new clients with virtually zero effort at all.”

Client Services Case Automation Workflow

Another time-saving, compliance piece was the Client Services Case Automation workflow set in place to automate communication with clients regarding documentation requests. Client services no longer has to spend time manually following up with document requests as the workflow automatically sends reminders to the appropriate parties after requests are made. Collectors now have better access to the client documentation they need, such as signed lease agreements, increasing their ability to collect on the accounts they are servicing.

Looking at all the possibilites, now and into the future

Today, their relationship with Andosi has allowed Resident Interface to take back control of their company’s processes with technology that not only helps them do things more efficiently but gives them the power to steer in whatever direction they need to go! The end result of such a successful engagement isn’t considered an end, but rather the start of a long-lasting trusted partnership expected to continue well into the future when ever Resident Interface needs an extra hand.
“[We can now] organically change and alter [the system] ourselves in the future without having to go back to Andosi, which is pretty significant to us because when we originally got into a partnership with Andosi it was because we were getting out of a relationship where that was not the case.”

Let's talk about making D365 work for you!

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