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Reducing Cloud Costs with Microsoft's AIM Program

Jennifer Godin

01 February 2024

Discussions around moving legacy systems to the cloud have been covered at length over the years. However, in today’s digital world technology advancements such as AI will only continue to evolve as time goes on. Plus, a saturated competitive landscape means it will be harder for businesses to scale and retain customers.

For existing customers using Dynamics GP, SL, NAV, or BC on-premises, transitioning from legacy software to the cloud is an essential investment for ensuring business continuity. Microsoft's AIM program offers a customized path for on-premises customers to migrate critical business processes to the cloud at a reduced cost.

AIM, which stands for Accelerate, Innovate, and Move, underscores Microsoft's commitment to enabling organizations of all sizes to embrace innovative AI-powered technologies in the cloud.

In this blog post, I will explain what AIM is, why it is beneficial for businesses, and discuss this limited-time offer where Microsoft will cover part of your implementation costs.

What is AIM?

AIM is a comprehensive program providing qualified customers access to a dedicated team of migration advisors, expert assessments, investment offers, tools, and migration support. It covers on-premises Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, and BC.

How the AIM Works

AIM operates in three phases: Accelerate, Innovate, and Move.

  • Accelerate: Before embarking on a cloud migration journey, understanding key factors is crucial. AIM assessments assist in answering foundational questions about business value, expected outcomes, and key dependencies for moving on-premises business applications to the cloud.
  • Innovate: AIM offers expert implementation guidance and services, including the Success by Design program, which provides assistance in designing, building, and launching Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Move: Once the migration plan is ready, AIM helps customers seamlessly and confidently move their on-premises business applications to the cloud. AIM also offers flexible licensing options, such as the Cloud Migration Program, which allows customers to leverage their existing on-premises licenses and get discounts on cloud subscriptions.

What is an AIM Assessment?

An initial AIM assessment with our migration experts will dive into a your existing on-premises solution and help you understand the steps for modernizing systems in the cloud.

You’ll meet with a member of our team to discuss your current business applications and goals. After the assessment, we’ll provide the information you need to make an informed decision on moving to Dynamics 365.

Key Features of Microsoft AIM Deployment Offer:

Microsoft will subsidize a portion of your first-year implementation services to offset upfront costs.

  • Eligibility: This offer is for NAV, GP, SL, and BC on-premises customers transitioning to Business Central. Eligibility will be determined during initial conversations with the team.
  • Cost-Savings: Microsoft will fund a portion of your first-year implementation services, resulting in potential savings of $5,000 - $40,000, depending on license costs in the first year.
  • Timeline: This limited-time offer is valid until June 1, 2024. Starting early increases the likelihood of taking advantage of the offer within the specified timeframe. Contact our migration specialists promptly to meet promotion deadlines.

Next Steps

By taking advantage of this limited-time program, you can offset the upfront costs of a cloud migration effort and receive a tailored path to the cloud with dedicated migration advisors, assessments, offers, and tools.

To meet the deadlines of this promotion, contact our team of migration experts today to streamline your move to the cloud and reduce your implementation costs.

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