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Tracking Real-Time Activity in CRM

Normally when people think of tracking activities in CRM, they think of tracking activities that happen outside of CRM (i.e. phone calls, emails, tasks, etc.).  However, what if you wanted to track activities that happen inside CRM (i.e. the time spent looking at a particular record).  Why would you want to do this?  Well, perhaps you are trying to better gauge how profitable a client is.  If you can track how much time is spent working on each record related to a client and compare it to the revenue generated by that client, you can easily see how profitable the client is.

How would you do this?  The basic premise is actually very simple.  Some script gets injected into the forms you want to track.  When the form is first opened, the an activity is created and the timer is started.  When the form is closed, the activity is marked as complete and the timer is stopped.  Voilà!  The real-time activity is tracked.

This solution seems pretty simple, right?  That's because it is.  Perhaps it's too simple though.  What happens if the user walks away from their computer while a form is open.  What happens if the user opens a form but then switches tabs?  What if they open multiple forms at the same time?  These scenarios may be handled differently per organization.

If you are interested in using the basic version describe above (or extending it), you can find the source code and unmanaged solution file here.  Note: this solution was built in CRM 2016 and will in both the online and on-premises versions.

To install the solution, simply import the solution file into your organization.  You will then need to register the libraries and On Load function to each form that you would like to track activity on.

crm time tracking form libraries screenshot

crm time tracking adding script screenshot

One this is done, publish your customizations.  Now, if you open a record and close it, you will find a new "Activity Tracking" activity in the system!

crm time tracking all activity tracking screenshot


You can download the script from the downloads section of our site or click here:

Download CRM Activity Tracker

Bob Guidinger

Senior Technology Consultant

Do you want to turn your system requirements into world-class user experience?  Then Bob is your guy.   His expert talent is understanding business needs and turning them into usable systems that users cannot wait to use.   Whether he is designing and building SharePoint or CRM workflows, ERP add-ins, Data Warehouses or a document approval and imaging system, there is no question – it will be the most user friendly application possible.

Bob’s is an undisputed expert in .Net, SharePoint, MS SQL Server and CRM.   His specialty is turning business requirements into functional processes by either utilizing off-the-shelf applications such as Dynamics CRM or custom developing processes in any language needed.   He is especially skilful in integrating multiple applications with whatever tools appropriate. 

Recent Projects

In a recent project, Bob developed a complex Dynamics CRM schema to meet the needs of 7 separate departments for a financial services firm.  Each department had their own unique streamlined user interface but the data that was shared between departments was available to the appropriate teams.   The departments ranged from marketing to product deployment, with contracts being created directly from within CRM as part of the sales process.  To top it off, Bob integrated business intelligence into the solution so management now has instant metrics that formerly took 12 hours per week to produce.

Another one of Bob’s projects was the integration of a complex Dynamics CRM system for a national collection agency.  CRM workflows trigger workflows and data updates in multiple systems simultaneously.    In this particular setup, Dynamics CRM is the system of record, but by enabling multiple technologies, all data in all systems is always in sync, which gives management complete confidence that their data is accurate and complete.

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