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Streamline every aspect of affordable housing management, from waitlists & lotteries to occupancy & recertifications

Workforce Housing Suite for Dynamics 365

Elevate Efficiency, Ensure Compliance

Are you a property management company responsible for affordable housing units? Is manual tracking, paperwork, and compliance management becoming overwhelming? Say hello to the Workforce Housing Suite for Dynamics 365 by Andosi. Our solution revolutionizes the way you manage workforce / affordable housing, making every step—from waitlist to occupancy—effortless and efficient.

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Property Management

Effortless Property Management

  • Centralize Property Details: Manage all your property information in one place, including building details, apartment complexes, property owners, and more, for easy access and updates.
  • Efficiency and Transparency: Increase efficiency by eliminating manual tracking and provide complete transparency into your property management operations.

Applicant Screening

Streamlined Applicant Screening

  • Custom Criteria Definition: Define specific criteria for income, credit, and documentation that applicants must meet, ensuring that you always have the right tenants.
  • Automated Communications: Automatically send notifications, reminders, and status updates to applicants throughout the application process, reducing administrative workload.

Waitlist & Campaign Management

Flexible Campaign Management

  • Waitlist and Campaigns: Manage waitlists efficiently, whether based on a first-come, first-serve or lottery system, and set up campaigns to fill housing units.
  • Prioritization: Prioritize applicants in order of priority, ensuring that the most deserving individuals gain access to your housing units.

Conduct a lottery

Effortless Lottery Management

Streamline the allocation of housing units with Workforce Housing Suite for Dynamics 365. Our app simplifies the lottery process, automating the selection of applicants for available units. Enjoy a fair and transparent system that ensures equal opportunity for all applicants. Enhance your housing operations, save valuable time, and make the lottery process a breeze with our intuitive solution.

Housing Recertification

Recertification Made Easy

  • Automated Process: Initiate the recertification process as lease expiration dates approach, simplifying compliance management and ensuring tenants meet ongoing requirements.
  • Peace of Mind: Maintain compliance effortlessly, even in the ever-changing landscape of local affordable housing regulations.


Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, Workforce Housing Suite for Dynamics 365 offers flexible pricing to suit your needs. Begin with a flat monthly fee of $1,000, plus $115/user/month for seamless scalability. For instance, a 10-user system would be $2,150 ($1,000 + ($115 x 10 users)).

Setup & Configuration

Our team will work closely with you to implement and customize the solution, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your affordable housing management needs. The one-time setup and configuration fee of $9,000 covers the expertise and personalized attention required to optimize the solution for your organization, providing a solid foundation for efficient and compliant housing management. With this investment, you gain access to a turnkey solution that enhances your workflow and maximizes the benefits of Workforce Housing Suite.


Per User/Month



Flat Monthly Fee

Get Started with the Workforce Housing Suite for  Dynamics 365

Ready to streamline your affordable housing management and unlock a new level of efficiency and compliance? Contact us today to learn more about the Dynamics 365 Workforce Housing Suite and take the first step towards the future of housing management.

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