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Process multiple RMA at once in Dynamics GP

aRMA - Advanced RMA

The Advanced RMA (aRMA) product provides businesses that are looking to further streamline their returns management processes with a simple way to extend the current functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s native RMA module. Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics GP is an amazing product, but we saw a great need to enable companies that rent equipment or distribute higher volumes of product through retail channels to more quickly and easily create and consolidate RMAs. We developed the product for one of our own clients and knew right away that it would be something that would help many other similar businesses who likely experienced the same problems.


aRMA - Advanced RMA

This Dynamics GP add-on, designed specifically for manufacturers, distributors and equipment rental companies for its ability to handle higher than normal volumes of product returns efficiently and better consolidate RMA lines, extends the current Microsoft Dynamics GP RMA functionality to:

One RMA from many Invoices

Allow lines on a single RMA originating from many SOP Invoices.

  • Tie the credit amount on each RMA line back to the originating SOP Invoice.
  • Reduce the number of RMAs issued to customers and that they have to manage.

Better Customer Service

Streamline RMA Entry to improve customer service levels.

Append Multiple RMA Lines

Allow users to Append RMA Lines from varied SOP Invoices to Existing RMAs.

More Efficient

Eliminate waste and redundancy in the RMA management processes
aRMA - Advanced RMA is a Dynamics GP Add-on

Want more information about using aRMA - Advanced RMA with your Dynamics GP system?

Let’s talk about what you’re looking for and see if processing multiple RMA at once will help your organization run more efficiently.

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