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Easily manage your organization's capital acquisition requests

Capital Acquisition Request

Capital Acquisition Requisition (CAR) is a pre-configured SharePoint workflow that allows the organization and management of capital purchase requests. Using standard SharePoint approval workflow & dashboards, Capital Acquisition Requisition gives your team a complete view of the approval process, where things stand and exactly what needs to happen next in the process. Managers can request more information prior to approval or if rejected, provide detailed explanations. The purchasing manager then uses the information to create the PO’s needed to fulfill the requests. Role based team members from different departments are notified when their input in the process is needed. Deployed through a web form, Capital Acquisition Request gives you greater accessibility out of the office allowing team members to contribute anytime, from anywhere.

Creating a request

List of requests


Capital Acquisition Request

A simple, yet powerful solution to manage all of your organizations purchasing requests! CAR can be integrated with ERP/Purchasing systems, and can be set up in as little as 5 days.

Form-based Request Submission

Users can create a new purchasing request and detail the facts of the purchase using a form-based request submission for quick and easy processing

Request Status Dashboard

Dashboard shows the status of all requests and can be filtered and sorted by status, user, job, etc.

Approval Process

Admin-Based Managed distribution of the request to the appropriate person – to ensure the right people have the information when they need it.

Can Integrate with ERP/CRM

Can be integrated with ERP/Purchasing systems, if desired

CAR - Capital Aquisition Request is a SharePoint workflow

Want more information about CAR Capital Acquisition Request?

Let’s talk about what you’re looking for and see how easy it is to smooth out your capital acquisition request process with CAR!

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