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Send/Receive Text Messages to your Main Line - All Captured in CRM!

Andosi Chat

Now customers can text message your main phone number, even land-lines, through Dynamics 365! With Andosi Chat, as soon as a text message is received a lead or case is created in CRM and all communication is automatically captured in CRM – no more manually entering text exchanges with customers! You can set up autoresponders and queue the text to the next available sales/customer service rep, or you can use the Mobile App to text with customers from any mobile device.

Conversation with contact

Contact Conversation History

Ended Conversation


Andosi Chat

The most simple, straight-forward way to capture 1:1 text message conversations with customers within Dynamics 365 without any additional telephony requirements!

Text to landline

With Andosi Chat you can receive text messages to your main company phone number even if it is a landline! Sales reps can use the mobile app too to capture conversations they have with customers in CRM!

Automated Responses

Once a text message is received, a message is immediately sent back to sender indicating that their text was received and someone would be responding. Easily configure your message to whatever you’d like it to read Example - ‘During Normal Business Hours’.  If the customer exists in CRM, key info about that customer (Name, Title and Company, for example) will be sent with the acknowledgement. 

Text from within CRM or Mobile App

With Andosi Chat you have the ability to respond directly by text from within CRM as an activity while recording all conversations with date/time stamp from both sides. Text conversations can be captured on mobile devices as well and you can choose to omit capturing specific conversations based on user setting in CRM. They will then be saved as a conversation in CRM. Links and photos will be preserved and moved to CRM.

Field Service Scheduling

Imagine you are an HVAC company and your customer texts you for help-their AC isn’t working! With Andosi Chat the text will automatically pull up the customer information (name, address, equipment) and automatically ask questions based on their specific equipment.

This Dynamics 365 Add-on works with

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Dynamics 365
Field Service

Want more information about texting with customers in D365?

Let’s talk about what you’re looking for and see how soon you can start texting with your customers (even to your landline) - all from within D365!

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