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Automating Preventive Maintenance With D365

A Quick Implementation Client Success Story

Well Water Connection, Inc.

  • 10-20 Employees

  • Utility Systems Construction & Service

Products & Services

  • New D365 Implementation

  • Field Service Set-up

  • Andosi Scheduled Maintenance

Quick & Easy Set-up, Improved Customer Experience &

Experts in household water solutions, Well Water Connection is a New England based family-owned business that sells, installs and maintains sump pumps, water filters and artesian wells. Using Outlook for scheduling, spreadsheets for tracking customer contracts and paper tickets for accounting, the company could barely keep their heads above water from day-to-day, let alone focus on the future. As the company grew they imagined a better, more efficient way of running their business; one less prone to errors and chaos. With the help of Andosi’s team of System Design Architects, Microsoft’s D365 Field Service and Power Automate technologies, they underwent a digital transformation that modern business leaders can only dream of: a quick and seamless implementation, 100% user adoption and immediate return on investment.

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Starting small and investing in the technology the business needed most first

Automating Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Well Water Connection’s first priority was to automate the scheduling of their preventive maintenance contracts for winterizing residential artesian well pumps. Because you have to dig a well before you can draw water from it, the company’s key stake holders spent time with Andosi design architects to defining their exact vision and with Andosi’s 5 Step Deployment Process, created a solid plan to execute it.

Project Definition and Planning

With the company’s key stake holders we identified customers with maintenance contracts, what processes were needed to perform winterization, and the technician skills needed in order to perform the preventative maintenance task for each type of pump.

 System Development and Deployment

Once Well Water Connection’s processes were fully defined, Andosi assisted with importing customer accounts, contacts and customer equipment into Dynamics 365 Field Service. Each customer’s preventive maintenance contracts were set up in the system and the resulting service tasks required for each model pump were configured along with each technician’s skills and home location.

Andrew Johnson, CEO & Founder

Digital Transformation Details

  • The Dispatcher’s experience

    The system starts off with the ‘work-order creation process’ which is based on the contract rules and automatically creates work orders that are ready for the dispatcher to schedule with the customer. Once scheduled, the system automatically assigns the work orders to the most appropriate technician based on their skills, location and availability – no more Excel spreadsheets, Outlook Scheduled or paper tickets being past from hand-to-hand!

    At any moment the dispatcher has visibility to the status of each technician (en route, on site, on break, etc.) and can change their schedule if needed. Once a change is made by the dispatcher, the technicians app is immediately updated and they can be rerouted as needed and the customers affected are notified.

  • The Technician’s Experience

    Rather than using their outlook calendar, the technicians now refer to the app on their mobile devices where their daily routes are planned. They enter their arrival, work and completion times directly into their device. Tasks to be performed are checked in the app. Any additional tasks needed or notes are added as necessary. If a customer needs to change their appointment or a follow up is required, the technician makes those changes directly from the app and are automatically made on the dispatch board for the dispatcher to see. Once completed, the customer’s signature is captured and the  technician’s time on site recorded (including drive time) as well as any parts that were used for the job. That data is immediately available to the accounting team, and they can invoice the customer at any time without having to handle the paper tickets at the end of the day.

  • The Executive’s Perspective

    Dynamics 365 Field Service has fundamentally changed the way Well Water Connect manages their business. They are now much more efficient in their handling of their technicians schedules, customer communication and accounting processing. Their employee satisfaction and their customer experience have both improved.

Looking at all the possibilites, now and into the future

This is just a start for Well Water Connection. Since this successful launch, they plan to use Dynamics 365 for all their service calls as well as equipment installations. Beyond that, they will integrate Dynamics 365 with their accounting system to further streamline their processes. They can even envision using IOT sensors one day to monitor their customers equipment and proactively dispatch technicians to repair any problems noted, even before the customer is aware there is a problem.

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Andrew Johnson, CEO & Founder

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