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Unlock Business Potential and Save on Your Cloud Migration with Microsoft AIM

Jennifer Godin

01 February 2024

Today, businesses face the dual challenge of staying competitive while navigating economic uncertainties. On top of that, with AI technology transforming the way that we work, organizations that keep their business applications on-premises will ultimately miss the opportunities available to drive new business outcomes.

That is why AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, and Move) emerges as a powerful solution, enabling organizations to future-proof and streamline their operations by offering a deployment offer to migrate to the cloud at a reduced cost.

Businesses that act now on this time-sensitive offer can benefit from $5,000 - $40,000 in savings, depending on your license costs in the first year.

The benefits of the cloud

Microsoft AIM is a comprehensive offering allowing organizations to reduce cloud migration costs and better manage your teams’ resources. Current Dynamics GP, SL, NAV, or BC on-premises customers can take advantage of this limited-time offer where Microsoft will cover part of your implementation costs.

Apart from these initial benefits, there are several other ways that the Microsoft AIM program can elevate your business.

Eliminate hardware costs

By migrating on-premises applications to the cloud, businesses can reduce or eliminate the need for manual hardware maintenance and updates. There’s no need to pay for system upgrades as you're always on the latest version. Plus, security costs are included in Dynamics 365, which means there is no need to backup data onto other servers, it's already done for you.

This allows you to shift resources from maintaining servers and hardware or managing large upgrade projects.

Streamline business processes to reduce manual effort

AIM includes a tailored assessment with our team to strategize business processes moving forward to put measures in place to reduce manual effort. This lets employees spend their time on more valuable tasks.

Additionally, it was recently announced that Copilot for Dynamics 365 has expanded availability for organizations of all sizes, with no seat minimum for commercial plans. Copilot in Business Central enables professionals to perform their day-to-day work with the assistance of cutting-edge AI by their side to improve productivity. 

With Dynamics 365 Business Central and Copilot you can:

  • Get answers quickly and easily using natural language.
  • Reduce administrative overhead and save time by automating tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • Utilize AI generated content and marketing text suggestions.
  • Anticipate and overcome business challenges.

Remember, the cloud isn’t just about technology—it’s about empowering people and organizations to achieve more.

Final thoughts and timelines to be aware of

Microsoft AIM is more than a migration program; it’s a strategic investment in business growth. By embracing AIM, you can streamline your transition to the cloud with costs savings and position yourself for success.

This offer is specifically for businesses like yours, using BC on-premises, GP, SL, or NAV, and considering a move to the cloud. Implementations need to start in early 2024 to take advantage of the offer by June 1st, 2024.

How can you act now and take advantage of this offer? Schedule a meeting with our migration specialists.

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